Rome paintings

  • Circus Maximus 48 x 36ins (120 x 90cm)
  • Eternal City 48 x 36ins (120 x 90cm)
  • Forum from the Capitoline 36 x 30ins (90 x 75cm)
  • Palatine garden 20 x 30ins (50 x 75cm)
  • Villa Adriana 36 x 30ins (90 x 75cm)

My paintings of the Eternal City followed a short stay at the British School in Rome. ‘The Presence of the Past’ was the title of the Venice Biennale for 198###. This set the agenda for my academic concern with architectural post-modernism for the next few years. But it was the matter-of-fact way in which the Romans of today live with the relics of their past, traffic raging where the emperor’s chariots once raced that caught my visual imagination. I wanted to record such scenes just as they were without comment or satire.