Peter Lloyd Jones

figurative paintings by Peter Lloyd JonesAn archive of figurative paintings completed over the past few years by the artist Peter Lloyd Jones

Most are evocations of places and people that moved me during my travels in Europe and America. They are very much images of today's world. When travelling I am acutely aware of the means of travel and I do not shrink from including cars, trains even airplanes from images of the passing scene.

Finished pictures are fashioned in the studio out of a variable matrix of drawings, photographs, memories and make-believe. As I browse these sources I soon become so immersed in some particular recollection - this place in that weather; this person on that particular day - that for me, memory and reverie become folded into a single gesture. I usually heighten their naturalistic settings with something of the intense colour world of Indian miniature painting which I studied as a young man.

Vistas of the suburban architecture of Arizona, desert landscapes and views of the Grand Canyon derive from a trip to the American South West.

Images from Europe show my interest in the remains of classical antiquity. Locations range from Rome, Naples and the Campania to Sicily but the ruins of past civilizations are seen in the often challenging settings of our own.

Figure paintings treat Mediterranean scenes such as people relaxing on a beach or in a pool, traditional themes to be sure, but seen with a sharp contemporary eye.

Still lives too have a contemporary edge, both in handling and subject matter.

All paintings are in oil on canvas. They vary a good deal in size from about five foot square down to twelve inches or so. Dimensions are given in inches followed by their metric equivalent in centimeters (bracketed), horizontal dimension first. (You can roll over the thumbnail images to see their titles and dimensions.)